Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Really the lack of water is what concerns all of us here in the south east of Australia. We have been told that the prolonged drought is not a normal cycle of wet and dry spells, but probably the result of climate change.

It probably means some places in the world will get more rain than usual while others will get less. We are a lesser region. What we don't have is a large natural water supply. We don't have the winter snows that you get in the USA or N.Z. we don't have massive rivers flowing down from the wet tropics like the Nile or the Amazon. We have pretty average size rivers that used to flood on a regular basis but don't any more. And probably never will again what with the way the water is sold to farmers. The amount sold is greater than the flow.

So to cut a long story short, we must start reusing water on a big scale. With no ifs or buts no options re choices of which water we recycle. We just have to get onto it and now. All the signs are there no exceptional circumstances just a known situation. That is the population is getting bigger the water usage [per head of population] is getting bigger, and the rainfall is getting smaller. A bit like 2 plus 2 = 5.
Here in Victoria we have a massive State government surplus, lets use some of it to turn around the water we send to the sea from our home usage and house run off.

I see it like the Snowy river scheme of the 1950/60s a major project that will help secure the water requirements for the next century.

Lets not forget that when they built the Thompson dam the then premier proudly announced that the construction of the Thompson meant that Melbourne wouldn't experience water shortages again. Now we have stage 1 water restrictions and we are looking at much higher water restrictions by the end of this Summer season.
We need water every day of our lives lets get the politicians to make it an election issue. Reuse, Recycle.


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Donna said...

2+2=5? Sounds more like population + rainfall - sales to farmers + government incompitence = unhapy population.

I never was good at maths.