Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Waste of Taxpayers money

Australian government wants to give 6 billion dollars to the car industry.

How mad is it to offer 6 billion dollars to the car industry. We are coming to the end of the carbon based economy. We need new companies and government direction/initiatives to change the type of motor cars we use. I can't see Ford or Holden moving in that direction. They have shown very little initiative and have wasted years of profits which could of been used to develop alternative fuel based cars.
In fact I think Holden's latest car cost the best part of a billion dollars and it was so in the mode of powerful petrol driven cars, it was a joke.
Giving money to large corporations who are having difficulties can come unstuck.
I remember Kodak getting a big government payment, and we all know what has happened to film photography.
Same with Ford and Holden. Both companies have failed to understand the future of motorized transport. Fancy spending a billion dollars on designing a new car that doesn't use alternative fuel.
They are both corporate dinosaurs and we shouldn't be giving them another cent. If we sink 6 billion dollars into the car industry and don't expect outcomes like a totally green, air or electric car, then we are throwing our taxpayers money away. Better use it to set up a comprehensive solar/wind power electricity supply grid.
There is so much that needs to be done and very quickly, but instead we get politics and big business getting in the way of sensible alternative developments.
So no don't give billions of dollars to a couple of old failed dinosaurs. Keep it to make a better future for us all.


sadbaby said...

hey Grumpy..

hopefully you won't have the problems i'm having with your next extraction. dry socket only occurs in about 5 percent of extractions, so hopefully you'll be luckier than me.

just make sure there's no infection to begin with, and then after the tooth is out, dont spit, smoke or drink with a straw as these can contribute.

good luck mate! xx

Miss Construed... said...

Hey Grump

I agree about the 6 billion dollars; between 21 million people I think we would all enjoy a little slice of that pie!

Thanks for the Xmas and New Year greetings; I've been missing in action (hiding I think it's called) for most of the festive season.

Hope you have a fantastic New Year; all the best for 2009.


Anonymous said...

Is it not just 'survival of the fittest'? That's the way I see it anyway. Ford are old, musty and outdated...maybe that's why the aren't surviving the financial troubles, while the likes of Audi are having a huge old sell up.


Very well said, indeed.
The Candian government thwarts the consumers' use of green cars,one prototype truly incredible,by not allowing them on the roads.

Seems to me there's a lot of oil money behind these 'incentives' to NOT make use of technology we already possess for greener cars.

Grump said...

Thanks Ubermouth, as you can see I haven't posted here for awhile. But you never know I may be back soon.
Woof x

Miss Construed... said...

It's nice to realise that I'm not the only one who doesn't update their blog on a regular basis..

Laugh Out Loud.

(PS I'm not one known for abbreviation; maybe I'm too pedantic about punctuation??)

Take care Grump (Mark); and have a happy Christmas and safe New Year.

rn x

ars said...

Nice to meet you.

Boas festas.

Miss Construed... said...

Hey Grump; happy New Year right back at you; hope this year is great for you, too.

Take care, okay, and I'll try and do the same.

RN x

Miss Construed... said...

Jesus, Grump!

Even I don't take as long as you to put up a new post!

Hope you had a happy Australia Day


RN x