Monday, January 17, 2011

Camping Spiders etc

Here are some photos from the rain shortened camping trip. It has been very wet in SE Australia, we have been lucky to get just a small portion of the rains. All the best to Queenslanders.

Hairy McClarey

 A sunbaking Dragon fly
 Look at this spider he has the best colour and shape. He kept hiding behind the grass seeds.
 These last two are your classic spider shapes.


bib_judy said...

Yikes,yikes and yikes.

Anna said...

Love the pictures!

nitebyrd said...

The hairy one is kind of pretty.

Y'all have the most enormous and scary spiders there in Australia. There was a huntsman in the bathroom of my friends house that scared me half to death, it was HUGE!

Good thoughts and prayers to all those in Queensland dealing with the floods.

Grump said...

As Anna may remember we have lots of cobwebs around our house, we sort of like spiders. The huntsman can be a bit scary!!!

nursemyra said...

The caterpillar is adorable