Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The lake

We stood by the edge of the lake, on the smallest of beaches, a short drop down from the grass bank.
Our toes were on the very edge of the water, tiny ripples touched and untouched the tips of our toes. The water was like ice, but the sun shone on our feet and made them warm. Cold toes warm feet. Is that how it goes?

We held hands for the first time looking out over the lake.

No we didn’t, we had already held hands on the run down the hill. You saved me from falling over and held on to my sleeve and then our hands met. Don’t you remember?

That doesn’t count, we were running and falling and slipping and sliding, hands, feet, arms, bodies were going in all directions. So it doesn’t count.

What is so important about holding hands in any case, I am holding your hand now, holding it tightly so you can’t let go. I’m going to pull you into the freezing lake. We are both going to get totally wet.

No we are not, never no, not happening, a complete zilch. 

What if we took all our clothes off and went in nudie rudey.

You must be kidding me, what if the others come down? They could easily find us and we would be sprung.

Sprung, what do mean sprung, haven’t you seen how everyone is looking at us? They can’t keep their eyes off us.

But I haven’t even touched you in front of anyone, we I mean I didn’t even know you fancied me till this morning.

I know, over breakfast, wasn’t that lovely the way we made contact across the toast and milk. Do you think anyone saw us?

That is what I am saying, I looked around after that moment and I could see the faces of Joe and Sal, even Lu and Brin were looking. I think they have sensed it over the weekend. Did you tell anyone, did you know to tell anyone?

No, not at all! You crazy or what?

Come on then take your clothes off, I am and I going in. it won’t kill us and it will wake us up.

You think so, I think it will freeze my tits off and I will look a right goose.

And it will freeze my balls off and I will look like a frozen plucked chicken. 

The sun warmed us as we stood by the lake with our clothes piled on the grass bank. Not a breath of wind the sun so warm on our backs, our hands and eyes all over each other, the first time we had seen each other naked. Before I had time to raise the burning issue of body shape and its effect on modern man/woman relationships, we had pushed each other into the water, the freezing water.

No oh no, I didn’t push you, you pushed me. I just hung on to your arm in the vain hope of not being the first to fall in.

Ah ah no, I had bent down to move my clothes away from the edge and you had pushed me and I grabbed your arm to save myself from falling in. Don’t you remember the look on my face as I realized I was on my way in bum over tit. As I fell backwards I saw your face all smiles and laughing, I must of looked petrified of over balancing.

Well whatever we both ended up in the lake, holy cow was it cold! So cold! That sort of cold that stops your heart.

But that was so stimulating, you loved it once we were in, you threw yourself around like a mad thing processed.

You clung to me shivering hopelessly shivering asking to be allowed to be let out. I wouldn’t let you go.

I dove down to try and touch the bottom you tickled me where you shouldn’t

You wanted to make love to me in the water, all those inhibitions out the window.

Did we I thought we played and touched and then dried out on the bank above the little beach with the ripples. We dripped and shook the water off us we danced and played and then fell over.

Did you cut yourself on the grass or was that done pulling yourself up on the tree roots?

Do you want to go back there some day and see what it looks like now?

Yes lets go we could make it in a couple of hours.

Didn’t I have something to do somewhere to go an appointment to attend a parent teacher something or ever? All those things that clutter our lives don’t I have a hundred and one things to do?

We could make it in under two hours, it’s a lovely day and it will be even lovelier being together. Don’t ask any more questions just get in the car and drive. When did we last do something like this?

Don’t ask oh how life gets in the way of doing things, just doing things that come into your mind and doing them.
Take the old telescope that has been collecting cobwebs throw in a towel and my little tent. We could stay the night I know a quiet place we can camp near to the estuary on the other side of the lake.


nitebyrd said...

That's beautiful. It would be lovely to be able to do all that and not have to worry about other things not getting done.

Grump said...

Thanks nitebyrd, wouldn't it just!! Now where did I put that shopping list and kids sports programme.

Judy said...

Yeah, repeat the story and have the Google Maps Streetview Camera document it for us all.

anna said...
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Anonymous said...

this is lovely and I could just imagine you doing all that :)

Michelle said...

Looks gorgeous. And here's me without a passport.

Anonymous said...

Lovely. Makes me think of things I ought not. In a good way.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. I remember when I could do that.